by Will

I awaken to a light touch on my right wrist. As I glance down to see who touched me, I notice a silk scarf folded into a narrow band draped around it. Your voice comes from behind me, saying, "That is to keep you from using your arm." Your soft but serious tone tells me to let my arm lay back on the bed and become immobile. As I turn towards your voice, you move into my field of view. I see your auburn hair framing your beautiful green eyes. A small scarf veils the remainder of your face, shimmering with every move of your head. Though I cannot see your mouth through the silk, your eyes tell me that you are smiling down on me. Your breasts are wrapped, but not restrained, in a scarf halter; the tails of the front knot sway with your movement, swinging past your navel like a soft pendulum. The silk rustles softly as your breasts move beneath the scarves. Your waist is wrapped with a long green silk sash that holds the ends of dozens of soft silk scarves in a skirt that reveals and conceals with each movement of your hips. I reach out to caress you with my left hand, but I notice that it, too, is draped at the wrist by another silk scarf. With your will alone and the touch of silk you have bound my arms to the bed.

It is only then that I feel the same gentle touch of silk at my ankles. I also sense a tightening in my groin, my usual response to seeing you swathed in silk. Though you are occasionally the target of my ministrations with silky objects, and usually wear scarves as fashion accessories, this is a new experience for us both. I am rendered immobile by you, but I now begin to devour you with my eyes, as my ears drink in the sounds of silk rustling with your smallest movement. You notice my hungry eyes. As you pull a nearly transparent blue chiffon scarf from beneath your sash, you say, "You’ve seen enough for now." You fold it once or twice, barely diminishing its sheerness, then drape it across me, covering my face from my hairline to the tip of my nose. Though I can easily see right through it, I close my eyes to complete the blindfold.

I revel in the cool feel of the soft silk across my brow and cheeks. My groin becomes tighter. I continue to hear movement, as the swish of your scarf skirt follows you around the room. A sudden soft touch of silk at the base of my erection makes me nearly jump off the bed. Just as quickly, it is gone, only to be followed by a caress of silk across my abdomen. Hairs all over my body stand on end with this touch of silk. I sense you moving closer, then feel the familiar shape of your lips against mine, only separated from me by a thin layer of silk. As your scarf-veiled lips move around mine, I feel the light touch of your erect nipples brush my chest from behind their silken wrappings.

As you begin to move down my neck and torso with your kisses, the strokes from the loose scarves at your waist cause me to moan softly. You gently place a heavy-feeling scarf across my lower face, leaving the ends to lay across my chest and neck, and softly say, "Shh," rendering me mute. You next place pads of silk against my ears and tie them loosely in place with my silk blindfold. Any movement of my head brings the sound of silk against silk to my ears, and the feel of soft silk moving across my face. I am yours to do as you please.

I again feel random touches and caresses of silk across my torso and groin. All are light and fleeting, but stimulating, just the same. Now a single scarf is run up my right leg, to my hand, across my silk-covered face, and down my left side. It continues to move randomly across my body for long minutes, before coming to light on my left leg. You slowly tuck the scarf around my leg, gently encasing it in the softest silk. Soon another scarf begins its trip around my body; brief, electric touches to my erect member, surrounded by soothing caresses of the rest of my body. The silk-on-silk contact to my scarf-wrapped leg is especially soothing. All too soon this scarf comes to rest on my right leg, and you gently wrap it in silk. You continue with other soft scarves. As it is your will that I not see what you are doing, I can only guess from textures which of your many scarves is brushing, then wrapping, my body.

My arms soon follow my legs in being wrapped by you in the soft grip of your silks. Now only my torso and my erection are still bare, and your scarves brush against silk more and more as they drift around my body. A soft scarf now descends to cover me from my chin to my knees. Your hands gently brush across it, and occasionally, a single finger runs from my scrotum to the tip of my erection, tracing a line through the silk. You now grasp the silk above my member and slowly lift. As the corners of the scarf move to the center of my body, I feel even more blood moving towards my manhood. You do this again, until I can barely stand it; I want to beg you to mount me now, but you have willed me silent, a thick layer of silk reminding me of your wishes. You continue to stroke me with scarves. I can only imagine that your scarf skirt now reveals more of you, as more silk enwraps me. Now a soft scarf covers my neck and shoulders, and you are massaging my nipples with two others. I feel my nipples join my manhood in becoming erect. Again I feel silk moving across my body, as you momentarily abandon my chest. Soon all is wrapped in silk, save for my now sore penis. I ache to reach out for you and pull you onto me, but I know you have your own plans. A soft touch of silk on the tip of my penis is followed by the incredible feel of your lips through silk, as you kiss along my shaft through your veil. I want to come; I want to beg you to let me, but am bound by your will to remain still, blind and silent.

I feel a light bit of silk cover my last bare area, gently touching my painful erection, but offering it no solace. Now through my closed eyes I sense it getting darker, as I feel more weight on the bed. I feel dozens of touches and caresses of silk across my torso, and notice the familiar scent of your perfume surround my head. A sudden weight against my face causes me to stiffen momentarily, as the smell of your pussy presses in on me. Through the silk covering my mouth I feel a soft weight, then moisture seeping through the scarf as you begin to move slowly over me. Through the silk covering my ears I hear your soft moaning. I wish to lap up the juices from you, but silk blocks my way. I can only feel your moisture, and smell your musk join your perfume. Your weight lifts briefly, and my scarf gag slips from my face. As you press down again I feel your soft pubic mound against my lips, awaiting my tongue; no silk blocks my way now. I hungrily devour you, as you grind harder into me. Your moans become louder, then are suddenly muffled--has she who has bound me become one of the bound? Your movements become more frenzied, as I reach further into you with my tongue. Then you stiffen, and I hear a muffled scream as you bathe my face in your juices.

As you recover, you slide onto my chest, and I feel the scarves covering me becoming moist and sticking to me. I hear through my ear covers that your breathing is slightly ragged. My mouth remains uncovered, though I feel the scarves of your skirt still covering my face. I begin to say, "make love to me," but am stopped by a muffled "shh," as you lay a fresh, cool scarf across my mouth, again rendering me silent by your will. I feel you stand, and the scarves of your skirt move across my face again, letting light through my closed eyelids and the silk chiffon blindfold. Just as quickly, it is dark again. Now I feel your knees on the bed beside my ears. I feel your skirt against my chest, and again sense your wonderful aroma surrounding me. Again I feel your womanhood press against the silk covering my face, making it moist and molding it to my lips and chin. I feel your weight shift, then feel your hands exploring my chest and belly through the layers of silk that cover them, thanks to the earlier wrapping and your scarf skirt. The light scarf--now damp with my precum--covering my erection is lifted away. Soon I feel another scarf sweeping across me, gently rubbing my stiffness, then wrapping the base of my penis and my scrotum. All the while you move slowly over the scarf that covers my mouth and prevents my tongue’s exploration of your inner chamber.

Again I feel silk against my manhood, firmer, but still soft. I feel your mouth moving against me, but cannot feel the kiss of your sweet lips; I sense that they are covered by more than your thin silk veil. Your movement against my silk-covered face quickens, and I feel the vibrations of your muffled moans against my penis, though I can barely hear them. How I long to enter you with my tongue, then with my erection. I want to hold your silk-wrapped breasts, even as your nipples trace small circles on my belly. Your hands leave my scarf-wrapped thighs; suddenly your moaning becomes louder. Just as suddenly, you become muffled again, as I feel the heaven of your mouth sliding over my member, your lips covered by the soft silk of your scarf veil. You stiffen over me as another orgasm tears through you. I feel your teeth bite into me as you clench your jaw. My scream is muffled by your weight on my face, but the pain keeps me from coming.

My scarf gag is again saturated with your juices. Your mouth leaves my erection as your breathing calms. Your veil lingers after you back away, thanks to your saliva and my juices. Free again, it feels cool, thanks to the remaining moisture. But now you are wiping it dry with soft silk, making my loins beg for release. Now you climb away from me, and, much to my frustration, I feel you leave the bed, leaving my penis--like the rest of my body--wrapped gently in silk. The sodden scarf across my mouth, rich with your scent, adheres to my mouth and chin like a silken mask. My eyes remain closed and covered by their silk chiffon blindfold. My arms and legs remain bound by the light touch of silk that reminds me of your wishes. I hear muffled rustling around me, but cannot pinpoint your movements. Now I feel weight at the foot of the bed, and sense you crawling up towards my head. Your silk covered breasts graze my thighs, then my abdomen and

chest. Your scarf skirt brushes up my legs. I feel your hands on mine, as you bring them from my sides to above my head. One hand slides down and gently caresses my face through the silk covering it. I briefly feel your lips against mine, through both our damp silken veils. I feel you now sit across my loins, your light weight on my hips. You remove the sodden silk from my face, only to replace it with another layer of moist silk. This smells different than its precursor; slightly stronger. Its taste is somewhat salty. Do I now wear the scarf veil that earlier pleasured me? Are you now smelling and tasting your own sweet juices as I am mine?

I hear you moan softly, as I feel the softness of your mound against my throbbing erection. You slide up and down, but do not allow me to enter. The scarf that stands between us slowly moves as you continue to grind against me, until I feel your soft pubic hair against bare skin. I feel a scarf pass behind my neck, then you slide it back and forth several times. It is cool on my neck at first, but warms with each pass behind me. As you continue to rub against me, I feel you again lie atop me. As you kiss me through layers of moist silk, I again notice your scent and taste. Our tongues both battle to penetrate the silk and join in their own dance, and at the same time taste our mingled juices. I feel the scarf behind my neck become taut, as you knot it behind your own, tying us in a passionate kiss.

As we continue to devour each other, you reach again for my hands above me

and grasp them as if forever. Then I feel a moist warm softness embrace my erection as you mount me. Soon you begin to move slowly up and down my shaft, almost letting me escape you, but never fully releasing me, as you continue to hold my arms above me and keep me locked in our silken kiss. Slowly your rhythm increases, as our kiss is interrupted by moans muffled only by our proximity to each other. The tension in my sore erection and the rest of my body is unbelievable. I am high on our mixed scents, and on the feeling of me inside you. You continue to increase the speed of your movements on me, and our combined breathing becomes ragged. As I feel myself begin to explode in a mind-tearing orgasm, your body tenses. Your labia crush me in a hold nearly as tight as your mouth did earlier. You scream into my mouth as a soul-cleansing orgasm washes over you. You squeeze the cum from me as my own orgasm takes flight. I cannot breathe, or even think. I can only feel a great release from deep within me.

As quickly as it came upon us, our climax is past. You collapse on me, still holding me within you. You untie the scarf holding us in a willing kiss and remove the wet silk from between our faces. We exchange a gently probing kiss as our breathing smoothes. You first remove the scarves from my wrists, leaving my arms wrapped in silk, then do the same to my ankles. I wrap my arms and legs around you in a silken embrace. I feel you slip the chiffon blindfold from my eyes, and open them to see your own beautiful green eyes framed by your auburn hair. Though my mouth is no longer covered, I still do not speak. All my mind can do is think of you and our evening together--and of what will happen the next time you take an afternoon nap!