“Because my wife will only be bound with silk!”

I hated to go for shock value, but this sales clerk would just not take “NO” for an answer.  I had wandered into Caroline’s Closet, a vintage clothing store I had never seen before. I was always on the lookout for reasonably priced scarves that we could play with, without having to worry about ruining them.  When I first entered, I was greeted by a saleswoman.  She was a little taller than average and about 40 years old, with shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes.  She was dressed in an off-white silk open-neck blouse, black slacks and low heels.  To hold her hair back from her face, she had taken a medium blue chiffon oblong scarf and folded it into a three-inch band, then tied it hair-band style over her head, with the knot beneath her hair at the back of her neck.  The ends trailed along the right side of her neck inside the collar of her blouse and ended just above her cleavage. She asked if any assistance was needed; though she was quite attractive and seemed to know how to wear a scarf, I politely declined.  As I gravitated toward the display of scarves, she got a little more persistent.  I again declined; I wanted to explore sizes and textures on my own.  Once I started to actually study the scarves, she again approached, saying, “We also have a nice assortment of polyester and nylon scarves over there, if you’re on a budget.”  That did it!  Out I came with my shocker, or so I hoped.

Rather than acting surprised, she followed up with, “What types do you usually use?”  Now it was my turn to be shocked!  Once I gathered my wits again, I thought how to approach this, not knowing where I might be headed.  I finally decided to run with it; she was a total stranger, and I was miles from where I usually shopped.  “Mostly silk twill, but occasionally satins and crepes for use on sensitive areas,” I answered, trying to sound more nonchalant than I felt.  We also had a nice selection of older, softer silks for padding and packing, but I wasn’t going to go into that, I hoped. 

“Do you use mostly squares or oblongs?” was the next question from my blond inquisitor.  “Mostly squares.  I think they’re more versatile,” I answered with a calm that surprised me.  “Have you done much with chiffons?”  She asked.  We hadn’t.  My wife owns a fair number of chiffon scarves, which she uses as summer headscarves in our convertible, and sometimes as belts.  But she has said that they were a little scratchy when we did experiment with them in bondage games.  I answered that we never really got into chiffon. 

“Then, perhaps I can change your mind about chiffon!  I am Caroline; welcome to my store.  If you will, I’d like to show you how to work chiffon scarves into your wife’s life in ways other than headscarves and belts,” she said.  Caroline pointed to a chair, “Have a seat while I take care of a few things; I’ll be right back.  I tentatively walked over to the offered chair.  It was an old parlor chair upholstered in maroon velvet, with a back that tapered to about eight inches wide at the top.  As I sat down facing away from the display of scarves, I heard blinds being closed at the front of the store.  “I prefer to do private showings without interruptions,” Caroline said as she walked back to where I sat.  “You might be surprised how useful chiffon scarves can be when used properly.  Are you ready for some examples?”  I wasn’t sure that I was ready, but I’d come this far, “Okay.”

I heard a soft rustling behind me.  “The first is a chiffon veil,” she said as she stepped from behind me into view.  Carmen, my wife, had worn scarves as veils on a number of occasions, both for me, and also as part of Halloween costumes.  A couple of times she had dressed as a harem girl and surprised me at the door when I came home from work.  After a kiss with silk covered lips, she would slowly undress her “master,” planting silken kisses as she went.  Once my fast becoming erect member was freed, she would gently nuzzle it with her veiled cheeks before slowly kissing it from base to tip.  She would finish by taking me into her mouth for an awesome silk blowjob that guaranteed the scarf veiling her lovely face would no longer be worn outside the house.  Of course the sight of her on Halloween dressed as a belly dancer or harem girl with silk covering her face below her brown eyes would make me have to consider carefully what I would wear in order to hide my “woody.” 

Caroline stepped before me.  Her face and neck from the bridge of her nose to below her collarbones were barely concealed by a band of pale yellow silk chiffon, which she had apparently tied beneath her hair.  Her eyes crinkled in a smile above the veil.  Through the thin silk I could see that her lips were drawn up in a smile to match.  I also noticed that my trousers began to get just a little tighter.  “You see,” she said, “sometimes just the suggestion of something as simple as a smile is more effective than the smile alone.”  I couldn’t have agreed more. 

“Hmm…let’s see what else chiffon can make better.”  Caroline again stepped behind me.  “No peeking, now.”  This time there was a little more rustling than before, as well as the sound of shoes hitting the carpeted floor.  “Now…here is how things look using your twill scarves,” she said as she again stepped into view.  My jaw must have hit the floor.  Caroline now stood before me dressed only in scarves.  Still veiled in yellow chiffon, and with the blue chiffon headband in her hair, she had taken an oblong scarf and folded it into a wide band.  Starting from behind, she had brought the ends under her arms, crossed them over her breasts and tied them behind her neck into a scarf halter.  Tied low on her hips was a large twill shawl made into a sarong.  Though the weight of the fabric meant that nothing showed that couldn’t be seen on any beach, I was still taken aback.  “This is sexy, but we can do it one better.”  My eyes involuntarily followed her back to behind my chair.  “I told you before, no peeking!” she said with a laugh, as I guiltily turned back to face front.  After a little more rustling she again came into view.  “Oh God,” was all I could think to say.  In place of the two twill scarves that made up her last outfit, Caroline had substituted chiffon scarves.  A long ombred blue scarf now enveloped her breasts, and a blue and green patterned square chiffon scarf was wrapped and tied at her hips, with the slit of the sarong arranged against one leg.  Through the sheer halter I could easily make out her nipples, which were round and erect.  The silhouette of her legs was clearly visible through the sarong, as was the dark triangle of her mound.

 “Now, you said that chiffon was rough; feel for yourself,” she said, taking my hands in hers.  She placed my hands against the thin silk covering her breasts.  The feeling was amazing—soft, slightly rough silk covering the soft firmness of her breasts.  She then moved my hands to her hips.  “See how the chiffon stretches and clings so much more nicely than heavier silk.”  I slowly moved my hands around to her behind, and felt just a slight shudder run through her.  This was almost more than I could bear.  My erection was now straining to get out of my uncomfortably tight pants; I thought I might come right there. 

Again Caroline stepped behind me, and again my eyes followed her.  “I guess we need to do something about that peeking,” she said with mock sternness.

The next thing I saw was sheer blue silk being lowered into my field of view.  “Now I’ll introduce you to the chiffon blindfold,” I was told.  I tensed momentarily as Caroline’s former hair scarf, now just a single layer of sheer silk, was drawn back against my face, covering me from my chin up.  Caroline then pulled the ends snugly behind the back of the chair and knotted them off.  “There,” she declared, “that will keep you from peeking!  Now, let me tell you about the advantages of a chiffon blindfold before we proceed further.  Of course, your head is now being held still, so you won’t be able to peek any more, but you will still be able to see me when I move into your field of view.  Now, obviously, you can see right through the sheer silk of your “blindfold,” but only because I choose to let you.  I could have just as easily blindfolded you with a heavier scarf; lord knows I have plenty here to choose from!  But I’ve chosen to allow you to see.  Again, sometimes a little vision is better than none!”  The cool silk felt soft against my face, and did nothing to block either my vision or my breathing.  What it did do was get me even more aroused, while softening the edges of all that I could see with a faint blue haze.  When Caroline again stepped into view, I saw that she had shed her sheer sarong, and was now wearing a slightly different scarf arrangement around her waist.  She had tied one sheer scarf around her hips like a sash, then taken a second chiffon oblong and made a loincloth.  She took one end of the scarf and slid it beneath the sash at the small of her back.  Drawing the remaining silk forward between her legs, she tucked the other end under the sash in front.  She then spread the fabric out in front and back to leave just a single layer of filmy fabric to cover her.  Through my sheer face cover I could clearly see a small damp spot in the fabric over her pussy. 

“Now for the rest of the demonstration I’ll need you to be a little less dressed, so I can show you how chiffon can benefit you, as well as your wife.”  I was only too happy to oblige at this point!  I immediately tried to look down at my shirt as I reached for the buttons.  Of course my head was immobile due to it being tied to the back of the chair.  This realization made me pause just long enough for Caroline to gently move my hands back down to the armrests.  “You just keep still for now,” she said.  Then she paused.  “Maybe we need to skip to another lesson for a moment.”  She stepped behind me, then reemerged in front of me with several more chiffon scarves in her hands.  “Make a fist,” she ordered.  I clenched both hands into fists, then watched as first one hand, then the other was wrapped in sheer silk.  Next both arms were secured to the arms of the chair with chiffon scarves wrapped bandage-like up to my elbows.  I was beginning to wonder exactly where this was going to go; and while some parts of me wanted to keep going, my better judgment was beginning to say “stop.” 

“Caroline, I’m not sure….” 

“Remember…not only are your eyes covered, so is your mouth.  Just as I could have blindfolded you more securely, so could I have kept you from speaking.  As I had power over you to choose how much you have seen, I also have power over when you speak, especially now that your arms are bound to the chair.  Please remain silent; I will do nothing to hurt you or take advantage of you.  I wish only to introduce you to a new world of pleasure for both you and your wife.”  I was in an awkward position at this point, tied to a chair with sheer scarves.  And I did give tacit consent to what was going on so far.  I decided to keep my mouth shut as asked and see what else chiffon scarves could do.

Once my arms were secure, Caroline began to unbutton my shirt.  Since my arms were wrapped up with the arms of the chair, she just pushed the shirt back and off my shoulders.  She then set to work on my slacks, which now had a small damp spot on them.  As soon as the zipper and button were undone, my erection sprang to life.  “Hmm.  I guess you’ve been enjoying the lesson so far!” she said with a smile.  “Now to see what chiffon will do for you!”  My veiled mistress leaned forward and kissed me gently on the lips through our two layers of sheer silk.  She slowly let her tongue trace the shape of my mouth, then began to plant soft silken kisses down my neck and onto my chest, the edges of her sheer face veil brushing my skin just before her lips would touch it.  I was fast approaching liftoff.  Just as she was about to reach my throbbing cock, she stopped.

“Here’s another little chiffon trick to keep your attention longer!” she said as she slipped a narrowly folded scarf under my scrotum.  The soft-rough touch of silk chiffon almost made me shoot my wad then, but I managed to regain control.  Caroline quickly and expertly tied a tight knot behind my balls guaranteed to keep me erect until she desired otherwise.  “There.  Now where we?  Oh yes, that’s right!”  Though I could not see what was happening because of my silk head restraint, I could feel the soft touch of sheer silk on the tip of my erection, followed by the kiss of soft, silk-covered lips.  The kisses moved up and down my swollen member and balls, each touch like a little electric shock.  “And you thought chiffon was rough!”  It was a little, but just enough to make the silk feel even better.  I started to say something to that effect, but remembered my earlier warning and just enjoyed the sensations.

Without warning my whole erection was wrapped in soft silk, and fingers gently stroked it from base to tip—another amazing feeling, but nothing like what came next.  Carolyn took me silk and all into her mouth, giving me a silk chiffon blowjob.  Up and down her lips moved, sometimes gently, at times more forcefully, occasionally letting her teeth rub just enough to let me know they were there.  Just as my hips began to tighten for an explosion of cum, she slowly let me out of her mouth, the damp silk now stuck to my aching member. 

After waiting a few seconds for me to get back under control, Caroline took one end of the scarf wrapping and slowly pulled up, unwinding the damp silk, and directing even more blood to the tip of my prick.  With a quick “be back!  Don’t go anywhere,” she disappeared again.  After a little more rustling, she appeared again, this time attired a little differently. 

“What I’ve done this time will benefit us both—you by seeing me thus, and me in a way that will soon become apparent.  All I’ve done is take two silk chiffon oblongs and wrapped them very simply.  I hope you like the effect!”  Still veiled with damp yellow silk, Caroline had taken the two scarves and laid each over one shoulder.  She took the first and let the bulk of the fabric down her back.  Reaching between her legs, she brought the scarf forward and up, covering her mound with a single layer of sheer silk.  She continued upward, covering her one breast with the scarf, before tying the two ends together.  After repeating the same steps with the other scarf, she had stepped before me for viewing.  A quick spin around revealed a double layer of chiffon over Caroline’s crotch and behind, and a single layer straining to cover each beautiful breast and nipple. 

“Now, for how this will benefit you!”  Caroline slowly moved forward, her eyes still smiling at me over her veil.  She slid me forward on the chair until I was just able to still sit.  She then straddled me and sat on my lap, facing me.  She again planted soft silken kisses on my face as she slowly slid forward towards me.  I soon felt the soft touch of her chiffon-covered bush graze my erection, and she slowly began to move herself up and down to rub against its full length.  This continued for just a few seconds, until I saw her reach down to her crotch.  After a little shimmy she again steadied herself with both hands and began to slide up and down against me.  This time what I felt was not just soft silk, but silk on both sides and soft, moist flesh in between!  When she reached down, Caroline had rearranged the scarves passing between her legs to uncover her moist pussy, but still come in contact with me as she moved.  I was in heaven, or so I thought at that moment.  A few seconds later I came even closer, as she raised herself above my cock, and then settled down onto it with a soft cry.  She slowly thrust me in and out of her, as the chiffon surrounding her opening brushed up and down my thighs and against my balls.  Still the tight band of silk around the base of my scrotum kept me from coming, even though I was past trying to hold back.  Caroline cried out as her vagina clamped down on me in orgasm, her chiffon veil puffing out with each ragged breath. 

After she raised herself off my still hard erection, she said a little breathlessly, “one more step, and we’ll be done for today.”  For today?  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle all of this too often!  When Caroline again stepped into view, she was still wearing the two scarves between her legs and over her breasts.  Her sheer, pale yellow veil was gone, replaced by a black scarf of heavier chiffon.  Beneath it I could see what looked like some type of wide band over her mouth.  She had also added back the loincloth she had worn earlier, but now the silk between her legs was much looser.  This time Caroline didn’t speak as she stepped in front of me; she merely stepped forward to again straddle me and sit on my lap.  She again planted soft kisses on my silk-covered face, but this time I sensed that her lips were more heavily covered than before.  Again she moved slowly up and down against my erection, but I felt only soft silk between us.  Again she raised up over me, but this time I did not feel smooth moist pussy envelop my length, but the soft-rough feeling of silk chiffon around me.  Again there was a soft noise as Caroline mounted me, but it was muffled this time by what I was to later discover was a fairly simple silk gag. 

Slowly, Caroline moved up and down on me as I tried in vain to thrust into her.  The silk separating us in our sex quickly became wet with our juices, and began to get more slippery; but the moisture also caused it to cling to me as she pulled away each time, mimicking the feel of her pussy lips moving up and down.  As she continued to ride me, I saw Caroline reach down, and suddenly the tight tie binding me in a now painful erection was there no more.  I felt a huge surge within me as I came like I had never come before; I saw stars, and felt as though I would pass out.  At the same time Caroline stiffened against me and let out a muffled scream, as she was rocked by another amazing orgasm.  She continued to ride me until we had both finished our climaxes, then just lay against me, her silk-covered breasts against my bare chest, and my sore manhood still inside her silk-lined vagina. 

After a short while, she rose off me, the moist chiffon covering her opening pulling away as she moved, making my aching friend twitch slightly.  Still standing before me, she removed the black scarf veiling her lower face, revealing her yellow former veil now wrapped and tied over her mouth several times.  She untied this scarf, and removed first a square chiffon scarf packing her mouth, then a pair of sodden sheer silk panties. 

As Caroline unbound my arms and finally, my silk chiffon “blindfold,” she said, “I hope that maybe I’ve widened your silk horizons a little.  The next time Carmen wears a chiffon scarf, I bet you’ll look at her a little differently.”  Of that I was sure.  As I finished getting dressed, Caroline slipped the sodden scarf from between her legs, and rearranged the two chiffon oblongs covering her breasts so that they again covered her bush completely.  She retied her chiffon sarong as I was putting on my leather aviator jacket.  “Consider this a free sample to entice you back another time,” Caroline said as she looped her heavy black chiffon veil around my neck twice and tucked it into the neck of my jacket.  The silk felt soft and warm against my neck and chin.  I don’t wear women’s scarves at all, let alone out of doors, but it was now dark as Caroline let me out the front door of her store.  I figured nobody would notice, especially as it was dark silk.  As I left, Caroline said, “Stop back some time.  I can also do a demonstration for your wife, if she’s interested.  Scarf tying is always easier if someone shows you how to do it.”