For Scarf Bondage Fans

    We are two college students who would like to discuss bondage experiences via e-mail. We know our tastes are pretty mild compared to some of what we hear and read, but scarf bondage and sexual teasing is our kink and we love it.
    To get the ball rolling here is a little scarf bondage game Susan, and I like to play. We usually start out the evening with dinner and a movie or other entertainment. I have Sue dress in a tight, short skirt; a button front, white silk blouse; no bra or panties. I guess I'm a little bit of a throwback, but I also like the look of light colored, patterned hose and a matching garter belt with this outfit. As a concession to her modesty I let Sue wear a jacket while we are on our date. She usually likes to tease me so she will often wear a scarf with the outfit. Besides, I think she likes to have it draped down her front under her jacket to try to hide the fact she is not wearing a bra. She might be able to cover up her top with the jacket and scarf, but with only the short skirt there's not a lot she can do except careful maneuvering to keep her lower half covered. While she may tease me by wearing a scarf, I always tease her in the car, movie and restaurant by running my hands up her legs or discreetly feeling up her breasts.
    When we return to Sue's apartment from our date I have Sue remove her jacket. She gathers 11 large (36") square scarves from our extensive collection in a bedroom drawer. It's a lot of fun to watch Sue sort through the drawer and pick out the scarves that will soon bind her so completely. I also make her tell me which scarf she wants used for each part of her bondage. That way she can get a picture in her mind of how she will look even though later she won't be able to see herself.
    As she selects the scarves I start folding them into the shapes we will use for our game. One scarf is folded in half on the diagonal and left in a large triangle. Two scarves are folded into 4-1/2" x 9" rectangles to be used as pads for her blindfold and gag. The other 8 are first folded in half on the diagonal into triangles, then further folded into strips about 3" wide. The 36" square scarf is a great size because when you start by folding it on the diagonal, you get a overall length for the strips of over 50" to work with. While we think real silk scarves are great, they don't really fit our budget. We have found some really great scarves made out of a silk-like polyester. They don't break the budget and are almost as soft as the real thing. The best ones seem to come from Italy, although we do have some nice ones from Korea. We've found them at the ladies accessory specialty stores, but we have also found them much cheaper at Sears, Wards, and Wal-Mart. In addition to being cheaper than real silk, they seem to be a little more durable and are a lot easier to care for since they can be washed instead of having to be dry cleaned.
    I always like to get started with the head bondage, so the first thing we do is take one of the scarf pads and place it over Sues eyes. We then use one of the scarves folded into a strip to hold the blindfold pad in place over her eyes. Itie this scarf in a square knot, low at the back of her head. The gag comes next, and is similar to the blindfold. The remaining scarf pad is placed between Sue's teeth. A scarf folded into a strip is pulled across the pad, bringing both scarves back into her mouth. I square knot it tightly behind her head above the blindfold knot. This knot pushes both scarves firmly between her teeth and also tightens the blindfold scarves back into her face a little bit. We've been playing together for a while, so I have a good feel for Sue's noises and movements. Even so, we still have a gag safe signal (she says her full name, and we practice with it each time right after the gag goes into place). Never had to use it, but its there in case we ever do. I like to have Sue help me with her bondage by having her hold the blindfold and gag scarf pads in place while I tie the scarf strips over them. I then have her smooth the scarves out with her hands so she can feel her face covered in the soft scarves. We don't get in hurry with the tying up part of the game. At each step I always let her have a few moments to get a feel for her current level of the bondage.
    To complete the head bondage we use the scarf folded into a triangle to hold everything together by tying it over Sue's head, regular scarf style and knotting it tightly under her chin. This makes it more difficult for Sue to accidentally displace the blindfold and gag. It also makes it a little harder for her to hear what's going on around her, especially since the blindfold and gag scarves crisscross by her ears. That puts a lot of slick material rubbing together right at the ear opening anytime she moves her head even slightly. Again, I have her rub her hands over the silky cocoon now completely surrounding her head.
    Next we move on to the hand and arm bondage. I like the look of her wrists crossed behind her back. I have Sue place her wrists behind her back, left wrist over right. I then take one of the scarf strips and starting between her wrists and body, make a couple of tight turns horizontally around both Sue's wrists, tying it off with a square knot. I then take another scarf strip and wrap it first vertically around both of her wrists and then several times between the wrists around itself and the first scarf. I then cinch and knot it to hold the first scarf tightly in position. Just to add some arm tension and to make it more difficult to wriggle free, I take a third scarf strip and pull it around her elbows between her arms and body, and tie it off on each end with two half hitches. I don't try to make her elbows meet. I just pull it tight enough to make things a little less comfortable. This also has the effect of pressing her chest forward against her blouse making her breasts jut out bit.
    Before tying her legs I like to give her a little additional disorientation to go along with the sensory deprivation of the head bondage. I spin her around a few times to get a dizzy buzz going for her. I like to walk her around the apartment a bit and then really spin her around and get her quite dizzy before finishing off her initial bondage position. I stand her near the side of the bed and tie one of the strip scarves around her legs from the back just above the knees and square knot it off in front. Next I take another scarf strip and wrap it between her legs several times around the first scarf cinching it tightly before I knot it in back. I have her set on the side of the bed, and finish her bondage by wrapping the last scarf around her ankles a couple of times. Then I use the free ends to cinch and tie it off with asquare knot.
    Now the fun starts. To get her going, I'll let my hands roam gently all over her body through her clothes for a minute or so. Then I let her set there, untouched, dizzy and with her senses partially deprived for between 5 and 15 minutes. Funny thing about time, Sue swears it seems like hours. Meanwhile, I'll putter about the room and gather whatever sexual stimulation goodies I intend to use on her during the game. Vibrators, edible heat rub, ice cubes, feathers and a fur mitt are some of our choices for this game. Naturally, my hands and mouth are also part of the stimulation arsenal. Sometimes I'll try to be extra quiet and other times I'll selectively make noises like turning on a vibrator near her ear or rattling ice cubes. Either way, it just increases her anticipation of whats to come. I'll also remove the cap from the heat rub and let her smell the fruity aroma on some occasions. If I'm feeling obnoxious, I'll whisper into her ear some of the things that might happen in our later play. We have a rule that Sue has to set completely still and quiet during this phase. If she moves around or makes noise, her bondage time so far won't count and I'll just leave her there longer. Trying to get loose is also a no-no. Once I caught her testing her bonds when she didn't hear me moving and thought I wasn't paying attention. Without saying a word, I immediately let her hear me put away the sex toys. Then I rolled her over on her stomach and put her in a hogtie for 30 minutes. Sue is also extremely ticklish on the ribs and feet. Just to make sure the point wasn't lost I punctuated that session with several good doses of tickling. When the time was up I untied the hogtie and removed her gag. I made her kneel at the side of the bed and had her take me orally. As soon as I was finished, I completely untied her leaving her high and dry. No sex, an uncomfortable restraint position and tickle torture have cured her of trying to get loose without permission.
    This game is mostly about anticipation, so when the initial quiet period is over, I start her stimulation by gently rubbing Sue's body mostly everywhere except the normal erogenous zones. It's another kind of funny thing though, but when in bondage and after the little quiet reflection period, just about everything on Sue's body becomes somewhat erogenous. One thing though, at this point I keep Sue completely clothed. That's not to say the hands don't slip up the skirt and down the blouse occasionally, but remember, we're playing an anticipation game here. When I decide it's time to move on to the more intense stimulation, we'll change Sue's position a bit. First I have her stand up and I untie her ankles and knees. While she's standing I remove her skirt and if she is wearing one, the scarf she wore with her outfit. I leave the hose and garter belt on her as I think that look is very sexy and I like the feel of tying the scarves over the hose. I will then unbutton her blouse. Before seating her in the middle of the bed, I'll give her more spins to make her dizzy again. I then have her sit cross legged on the bed and tie and cinch her ankles with two of the scarves. I again like to let her have a little reflection period here, but this one I usually keep to 5 minutes or less. After all, I'm only human too and my level of excitement is usually starting to climb noticeably by this time.
    In this position her body's pretty open to stimulation with the removal of her skirt and her knees forced wide apart by the crossed ankle tie. I think you can use your imagination for what types of stimulation work well with this position but one of our favorites is our little vibrating eggs with the wired remote switch. As the stimulation progresses using the more intense and overtly sexual methods, Ipull her blouse back over her shoulders, baring her chest completely. This allows me to really give her breasts some special attention. Our favorite thing here is for me to put hot rub on top of her breasts, lick and blow on it to get it started, then hold ice cubes on her nipples and the bottom of her breasts. Then while holding ice on her breasts, I give her nipples a lot of pinching, tugging, nibbling and sucking. She loves the contrast of temperatures and the nipple action; and I love all the squirming and noises that come from behind the gag. Of course the ice cubes also make the trip down between Sue's legs. Sue's a big fan of oral sex, both giving it and getting it. If she has been a good girl, and usually she is, I'll eventually untie her ankles and remove her gag. Then it's time for a little mutual oral satisfaction. Sometimes though, if I'm feeling feisty, I will also untie her hands and arms, and retie her spread-eagled to the bed before we get to the sex. Naturally, I'll leave her tied and waiting there for a few minutes before starting the trip to orgasm.
    We'd like to hear from any sorority members who participated in initiations that included bondage. We are looking for ideas for making up games using realistic sorority initiation scenarios. Our school seems to be a poor source of information on such activities. Either they are not happening here or everyone involved is just keeping the fun to themselves. We'll try to post some of our other games, but we thought we'd start out with this one. Let us know if any of you have any bondage (especially scarf) games or sorority initiation ideas you'd like to share with us. We'd love to hear from anyone who shares our interests.

Mike and Sue