The Saturday Girl


I groan and twist uselessly as one of the customers pokes her stilleto into my backside. I cannot believe that I am feminised , corsetted , made up and tied tightly in a hog tie on the floor of a hairdressers shop on a Saturday afternoon. Less than  24 hours ago I was having an enjoyable evening with my wife Allison and her sister Anne.

Chapter 1

I have always been a closet submissive. My wife Allison has always known and in the early part of our relationship she even took part – feminising me and sometimes if I was lucky tying me up and humiliating me. She soon tired of this as it did not turn her on , so we settled down to a loving marriage and a happy family. I resorted to magazines , imagination , videos  and even one unsuccesful trip to a dominatrix. I still love Allison dearly and our relationship is complete but for this one ‘strange . kinky ‘ desire I have. I read somewhere that to be held in bondage by someone you love is paradoxically an ecstatic almost spiritual relief from normality – maybe that it what I am looking for.

However one Saturday night Allison and myself were staying with Anne for a weekend, and it was Friday night. We had had a few drinks and were having a frank discussion about sexual matters. My inhibitions were down and I talked freely about my desires. Allison didn’t seem embarrassed at all and I learned later that she had talked at length about this subject with Anne, and they had fantasised about what they might do with me. Abruptly Anne who was a gorgeous 29 year old blue eyed red head said “ Are you really serious about wanting to be feminised humiliated and dominated ?" My stomach dropped through the floor but I replied without hesitation “ Of course I am serious”. They both gave each other a sly smile and then Anne announced “ I am working in my hairdressers salon tomorrow – I need some help – you can come on one condition – you do exactly as I direct you – are you game ?.   Without a second thought I  readily agreed and soon I was in bed making passionate love to Allison in anticipation of being ordered about by Anne. Little did I know that my armchair fantasies were to be tested to the limit.

Chapter 2

It was 6 AM and a shout came from downstairs “ Come on Dave get up there is work to be done” Groggily I got out of bed , threw on a T shirt , jeans and a pair of trainers and rushed downstairs fantasising about how Anne would treat me at the Salon. Anne was wearing a tight pencil skirt and a tight fitting woollen jumper. She had a green and red patterned silk scarf hung around her shoulders and tied in a large knot with the tails hanging between her jutting breasts. Her hair was tied back and she was well made up and wore  dangling elaborate ear rings . She was a sight and I was speechless.

“Did I tell you to get dressed – take those clothes off” she snapped.

She had a smirk on her face as I obeyed. As soon as my clothes were off , she ordered my hands behind my back and clicked on a pair of handcuffs. Suddenly, I felt I didn’t want to do this , and was just opening my mouth to protest when a large red ball gag was thrust into my mouth and buckled tightly at the back of my head.

“Don’t want you waking up the neighbors at this time of the morning”. A long turquoise and silver silk scarf was tied around my neck and the other end fastened to the towel rail.

“Don’t go away pet I just need a few more things before we set off” she said planting a kiss on my cheek.

She put the kettle on and then left me to return two minutes later with a large bag ,and a smaller one. After she had made herself a cup of coffee , she took out pair of red high heeled shoes with ankle straps which she slipped onto to my feet and buckled tightly around my ankles. Each ankle strap had a D ring on the inside of the foot which Anne threaded a  bright yellow satin scarf through and knotted each end together to leave me with a nine inch hobble. 

“We don’t want you catching cold when we go out” she laughed as she tied a large pink patterned silk square around my head , knotted firmly under my chin , and the tails passed round to the back of my neck and knotted tightly off.

“Are you ready now ?” She asked.

“MMMPPH !” I replied, as she untied the long scarf , put the two bags into my cuffed hands and led me out using the scarf as a leash. I had to take little running steps with the hobble to stop me tripping over in the high heels. Without any further discussion I was bundled into the back seat on my side with a sheet thrown over me. What had I let myself in for ?

Chapter 3

The drive to the shop took fifteen minutes. I was hauled out of the back of the car and wearing just high heels , headscarf , handcuffs and hobble I was frog-marched by Anne through the back entrance and into a back room of the salon where I was greeted with howls of laughter by two of Anne’s female assistants who , I found out later had been told to turn up early for some fun and games.

“Sam and Kath , meet our new Saturday Girl who will be helping around the shop today – Sam there are some ropes in that bag she is holding – tie ‘her’ to the chair and make sure she is secure or I’ll dock your pay – cover her up with that sheet , and we will sort her out in a while” ordered Anne.

Sam took to her task with gusto , and leaving on my handcuffs and hobble, and gag she proceeded to bind me tightly to the chair at my elbow , knees , ankles and chest. She then covered me up with a black sheet which was draped over my head.

“Don’t go away darling – we will back” she chuckled, and I heard the sharp click of her heels over the tiled floor as she left the room.

Oh boy , I thought , I am really in this now. My feelings of panic were now being replaced by arousal , which of course I could do nothing about. I was left there completley helpless for about an hour ,after which all three women returned , and the black sheet was whipped from my head. All three women stood there with smiles on their faces. Kath was wearing leather trousers and a tight black stretchy top. On her head she wore a bright red headscarf tied bandana fashion. Sam wore a short black mini skirt and a crisp white blouse with a blue patterned scarf knotted around her neck choker style.

“OK girls – it is two hours before we open at 9.30 , I want a pretty Saturday girl ready to greet the customers at 9.30. Wax her legs , pluck her eyebrows , do her hair , and make her up nicely. I have explained how I want her dressed. Oh by the way, when you take her gag off , find out the pin number of her cash card which I have , as she is paying your bonus for today" Ordered Anne.

The girls set to work. First they removed my headscarf and gag , and then retied my ankles to a spreader bar which was about three foot long. After a few hard slaps around the face I had revealed my pin number with a threat of severe punishment if it was wrong. My hair was quickly washed and dozens of curlers set in place , with a headscarf tied tightly over my head to keep them in place. When I protested about the tightness of the headscarf, Kath slapped me hard and inserted three hair curlers into my mouth and demanded that they stay there until they were ready to do my lips. My eyebrows were expertly (and painfully) plucked, my legs were shaved and waxed, and they then made up my face, leaving the hair curlers in place before finishing my lips with a bright red gloss. Leaving the spreader bar attached to my ankles, I was untied from the chair, and they then proceeded to dress me. First they slipped a black bra over my shoulders and clipped it on at the back. The bra was padded and then a silky crčam coloured blouse was fitted on to me. It had ruffles all down the front and full sleeves which puffed out at the wrists. The blouse was buttoned up at the back and had a slight modification that there was some strong webbing material around the neck which was buckled around my neck and then secured with a small padlock. The final few buttons were secured around the neck hiding the padlock. “Right that is the top half sorted out” said Sam, “Hands behind you Saturday girl” she ordered, My wrists were secured together tightly with several twists of a long scarf. Next my elbows were pulled together tightly with another scarf, and tied off securely. “You can never be too careful” remarked Kath as she took another scarf and wrapped it between my wrists and knotted it tightly pulling the first scarf even tighter around my wrists. When I complained about the painful bondage, I was rewarded with a severe gagging. The thee hair curlers were shoved back in my mouth followed by Sam’s balled up pantees which she had just gleefully removed. The padding was secured in place by another scarf which had been threaded through a fourth hair curler which was rammed between my teeth like a bit, and then the scarf knotted firmly at the back of my head. Not content with that Sam then took another scarf which had been folded into a wide band and wrapped this over the gag and again tied this final covering tightly at the back of my head. “I do like a neat gag” remarked Kath as she stepped back to admire their handiwork. As a final touch Kath took a large black and gold patterned headscarf  and tied this over the one already in place and knotted it firmly under my chin, helping to hold my jaws tight together and adding to my discomfort. “We will have no more whining from you my girl – now lets get on with the bottom half”. The leg spreader and my painful high heels were removed. Despite or probably because of my humiliation I had an enormous hard on which Sam looked at disdainfully,and with a comment that I wouldn’t be needing that  she proceeded to jerk me off in about twenty seconds flat !. A tight panty girdle was then pulled up around my now small cock crushing it flat against my tummy. A pink suspender belt was clipped in place and sheer black stockings were soon slipped onto my legs and clipped onto the suspender belt. Next came something the girls called a deportment slip, which was a calf length silky slip which fell below my knees and was made in such a way that it hobbled my legs together such that I could only take short dainty steps. This was padlocked into place around my waist with some ingenious webbing which had been sown into the garment. Next came two net petticoats which surrounded the bottom half of me in a cloud of fluffy white material. Over this went a full black satin skirt  which fell over the petticoats and stuck out from my waist at a ridiculous angle. With this ensemble on I could not see my feet, which quickly had my high heels locked back on. A wide leather cinch belt was bucked around my waist to complete the effect. I was led to Anne’s office at the back of the salon, where she examined the girls handiwork. “Excellent girls – we have 45 minutes before the shop opens – leave her here with me while you go and do your other jobs. She left my arm and head bondage on and for the next half hour she had me walk up and down her office while she made some phone calls and did some paperwork. This was extremely difficult in the high heels , hobble slip, my arms and wrists welded together and my head and mouth wrapped in scarves. After half an hour the two girls returned and Anne instructed them to ready me for the days work. 

Chapter 4

To be continued ………