Victoria’s Other Secret
by Snowman

Victoria wandered lazily around the floor of the boutique, taking her time as she looked over all the lingerie on display. It was a warm, sunny afternoon, and so Vicki had decided to give herself the day off. She was in the mood to treat herself, and so she had gone downtown to one of her favorite stores, a small store that specialized in women’s intimate apparel. What made this store so special was their large collection of old-fashioned lingerie: corsets, girdles, ankle-length slips, high-waisted panties and the like. Everything from the Victorian era up through the 50’s to today. It was hard to find places that carried lingerie in this style, and it was Vicki’s secret passion. Something about the old-fashioned lingerie made her feel incredibly sexy. Sometimes at home she would dress up in it just to look at herself in the mirror, and then . . . well, that was her other secret.
            “How are you doing?” asked the saleslady from behind the counter. She was the only person working in the store and, because it was the middle of the afternoon in the middle of the week, Vicki was the only customer.
            “Just fine, thank you.” Vicki replied. Vicki took a moment to glance at the saleswoman. She looked to be about Vicki’s age, and was attractive, with a slender yet curvy body and chestnut brown hair which curled around her shoulders. Vicki thought she might have seen her working here before, but she couldn’t be sure. Vicki let her gaze linger for a few seconds on the woman’s neck. She was wearing a large square scarf in a pastel floral pattern, folded once into a triangle, draped over her right shoulder, and knotted loosely at the left. The scarf stirred something in the back of Vicki’s mind. Like the saleslady, Vicki had also worn a scarf today, her own a multi-colored square which she had tied in a choker band around her neck. Vicki fingered the scarf at her own neck unconsciously as she looked at the woman, and wondered about her. Was her scarf just an accessory or, like Vicki, did it hold a deeper meaning? What secrets did she hide? Vicki began to let her mind delve into the possibilities. With the two scarves, and all this lingerie, they could . . .
Vicki caught herself. No time for that now, and certainly not here. She could indulge herself when she got home. Right now, it was time to make her choices. Vicki selected a number of items and brought them up to the counter. She would have liked to bought them all, but she had strictly told herself that she could only afford one item today. She handed her purse to the saleslady, who smiled and let her into the back room where the dressing rooms were. Vicki chose one of the stalls and let herself in, then set her packages down and began to undress. In a matter of moments she had stripped down to her panties. Then she picked out the first item to try on. It was an old-fashioned girdle, 50’s style, in black satin. She shimmied into the tight-fitting item and adjusted it around her waist and hips, checking herself out in the full-length mirror. She certainly didn’t need a garment to make her look slimmer, but she loved the way it hugged her body tightly. Other women might have found it uncomfortable, but every once in a while Vicki liked to wear it under her normal clothes as she went about her day, knowing that no one knew that she was indulging her secret passion. It made her feel just a little bit naughty.
            Vicki picked up another girdle, this one ivory instead of black. She started to pull the first one off, then paused. It wasn’t exactly easy to get them on and off, and she wasn’t sure which one she would like better. Once she tried this one on, she knew she would probably want to see herself in the other one again, then this one, and so on. It would amount to a lot of effort to keep taking the girdles on and off. Vicki looked at herself in the mirror for a moment, and then began to pull the second girdle on over the first. Naturally, it was a tight fit, and Vicki had to suck in her breath to pull the second one on over the first, but finally she got it in place. Vicki looked at herself in the mirror again, turning this way and that. Wearing the two was a bit uncomfortable, but it also felt nice and snug. She idly toyed with the notion of buying them both, then discarded it. She still had other things to try on. If only she could decide which one she liked better.
            Suddenly, the dressing room curtain flew open, and Vicki barely had time to register what was going on, much less react, before a hand flew to her mouth. She let out a stifled cry as a pair of balled-up satin panties was pushed into her mouth. Vicki gasped and began to cough as the panties were shoved roughly into her mouth, triggering her gag reflex. As she struggled to regain her composure, she felt herself being turned and roughly shoved up against the wall. Vicki’s wrists were grabbed and yanked painfully behind her back, and then she felt a pair of stockings being wrapped around them. Her wrists were bound together tightly behind her back, the nylon stockings cutting harshly into her wrists. Then Vicki was turned back around again, and she got a look at her assailant.
            “Mmppmh gmmphh!” Vicki cried into her gag as she looked into the eyes of the saleslady. The woman said nothing as she clamped one hand over Vicki’s mouth and grabbed her wrists with the other. Vicki felt herself being pushed forward towards the curtain, and she had no choice but to move. Vicki’s mind spun wildly as she tried to come to grips with what was going on. This was absolutely crazy!
            The saleswoman led Vicki through a doorway into the storeroom. Vicki’s eyes widened as she saw dozens of corsets, slips, chemises, camisoles, teddies, and every other variety of lingerie hanging in the back room. She couldn’t believe such a small store could hold so much. Then she was pushed roughly down onto the carpeted floor. Vicki let out a strangled yelp from her gagged mouth as she was forced down onto her stomach. The saleslady knelt above her, straddling her waist, and Vicki felt the woman grab her chin and lift her head. She squeezed, and as Vicki’s mouth opened the saleslady savagely thrust another pair of panties into her mouth. Vicki began to cough and gasp again as the packing was worked roughly into her mouth, and tears began to roll down her cheeks. The woman pushed and prodded the satin into every corner of her mouth filling her cheeks and pressing her tongue down. She felt her cheeks bulge and strain as the saleslady shoved the satin in ever deeper, and it was all Vicki could do to keep from choking. By the time the woman was finished, Vicki’s mouth had been jacked open and every corner of her mouth filled with satin.
            Vicki lowered her head and took in deep breaths through her nose as the woman halted her assault on Vicki’s mouth. It was all she could do to maintain any sort of composure, much less try to grasp what was happening to her. Just as she had about caught her breath, she felt her head being yanked upward again. The woman had taken Vicki’s scarf and rolled it into a thick band, and was now pulling it tightly inside Vicki’s mouth. Vicki cried out as loudly as she could, though most of it was absorbed by the panties in her mouth, as the scarf was knotted tightly behind her head. It bit cruelly into her cheeks, and the knot was painfully tight behind her head. Of course, with all the panties stuffed in her mouth, her jaw had already begun to ache. Vicki tried to shift her tongue to expel the packing, but even without the scarf, the panties were stuffed so thoroughly that she would have been unable to spit them out. With the scarf in her mouth, it was hopeless.
            With Vicki firmly gagged, the saleslady got up and went over to one of the shelves. She came back and knelt beside Vicki again, setting down several boxes beside her. She went into the first one and pulled out a pair of elegant black seamed stockings trimmed with lace. She used these to quickly bind Vicki’s ankles together, and then used a second pair to cinch the first. She repeated the process just below Vicki’s knees, pulling the stockings tightly into her skin and binding her legs together. She then used a third pair on Vicki’s wrists, reinforcing the stockings which already bound them together. Then, taking a pair of pantyhose, she tied the legs around the bindings at Vicki’s ankles, and then pulled them backward.
            “Gmmpghh! Hgmmghph!” Vicki cried out into her gag as her ankles were pulled toward her wrists. She felt the woman take the other end of the hose and knot it around her wrist bindings. In a moment, she had been tightly hogtied and virtually immobilized. The saleslady wasn’t finished though. Vicki saw her get up and go to one of the hanging racks, she selected a pair of slips and one ankle length silk chemise. Straddling Vicki once again, she took the chemise and wound it between Vicki’s ankles and wrists before tying it off, adding to the already tight hogtie, and causing Vicki to cry out again.
           “We can’t have any of that now,” the woman said, speaking for the first time. Turning to Vicki’s head, she took on of the slips and folded it into a band about four inches wide. She pressed the thick band against Vicki’s mouth and began to tie it behind her head. Vicki felt the cool silk touch her lips and chin and press tightly against her cheeks, muffling her even further. Vicki squirmed slightly, making a half-hearted attempt to struggle, but all the fight had gone out of her. The saleslady finished gagging her, and then Vicki’s eyes grew wide as she watched her pick up the second slip. The saleslady folded this one into an even wider band, and then pulled the slip over Vicki’s nose and mouth before tying it behind her head. At this point, Vicki’s mouth was already so fully stuffed and tightly gagged that the extra layer barely made a difference, but by covering her nose it made breathing all that much more difficult. Vicki found that she had to concentrate closely on breathing, and so could not make any noise. She was well and truly gagged.
            With the last part of the gag finished, the Saleslady crouched next to Vicki and rolled her onto her side. Vicki looked up fearfully at her captor, who smiled and pinched one of Vicki’s nipples. Vicki cried out painfully, but only a tiny sound escaped from behind her heavy muffling gag.
            “I have to go run the store now,” she said, standing up. “You just wait quietly. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.” With that she stood up, brushed herself off, and left Vicki lying on the floor, bound and gagged.
            Vicki lay immobilized on the floor, confused, shocked, and terrified. She had no idea why she had been captured like this, and no idea as to what her captor’s intentions were. Her back had been arched into an unnatural position, and the stockings which bound her wrists and ankles were digging painfully into her skin. She was still wearing the two girdles that she had been trying on, and now they squeezed her body, making breathing difficult. Vicki squirmed fitfully on the floor, the carpet rough on her skin, as she tried to relieve the strain on her arms and back and find a more comfortable position. As she did, she noticed something which she had missed at first. The storeroom was behind the dressing rooms, and on the wall facing them were a series of one-way mirrors. Vicki could see into the dressing rooms, but no one in the rooms could see her.
            As Vicki was absorbing this information, one of the curtains parted and a young woman entered the dressing room. She looked to be in her early twenties, with long straight cornsilk-blonde hair. Vicki screamed frantically, trying to get the girl’s attention, but almost no sound escaped the confines of her gag. Then she began to sputter and cough as the packing in her mouth slid back down her throat. Vicki closed her eyes and breathed in as deeply as she could through her silk slip gag, until she finally regained her composure.
            Vicki watched helplessly as the girl began to change in the dressing room. She might as well have been a hundred miles away, for all that Vicki could do to reach her. Vicki would have inched her way to the mirror and tried to tap on it with her feet, but there were boxes piled up around the wall below it, preventing her from getting near the mirror. Instead, Vicki watched as the girl slipped out of her sweater and skirt, and then out of the slip and camisole she wore beneath them. She was slender, with small but firm breasts and long, graceful legs. Vicki’s struggles subsided as she watched the girl put on a pair of old-fashioned, high-waisted panties with matching stockings and a white girdle and bustier. The girl examined herself in the mirror, turning left and right, posing unknowingly for Vicki. Then she stripped down again, only to change into a lacy black Victorian-era corset and garter belt. Despite her situation, Vicki felt herself growing aroused as she watched the girl in the mirror change from an innocent co-ed into an alluring seductress.
           And so it went for the rest of the afternoon, as customers came in and out of the dressing rooms. Vicki was treated to the sight of dozens of beautiful women trying on a variety of lingerie, while she herself lay just a few feet away, bound and gagged with the very items they were buying from the store. With each new customer, Vicki felt her arousal build until it was unbearable as her bondage. And yet, despite the aching and the pain in her arms and back and jaws and the thick, stifling gag in her mouth and the tight girdles on her body, she found herself hopelessly turned-on by her captivity. The tight bonds, the cruel hogtie, and especially the severe gagging had all served to work her into a heightened state of arousal, and though she knew she should be terrified, she couldn’t help but revel in her condition. And yet, for as much as she was turned on, she couldn’t bring herself to orgasm in her position, a fact which left her in a state of frustration greater than any she had previously known. By the time the last customer left the store, Vicki was drained and exhausted from being perpetually on the edge of a climax yet unable to cum.
            Vicki was snapped out of her reverie as she heard the door to the storeroom open, and she began to tremble as she heard footsteps approach. She sensed the saleslady kneeling down next to her, and then to her surprise she felt her hogtie being released. Vicki felt pain shoot through her body as she stretched out after hours of being bound into a tight arch, and she felt the tension spill out of her back. Vicki felt herself being gently rolled over, and then hands on her shoulder helped her to sit up. The saleslady knelt before her, a glass of water with a straw in her hand, and Vicki’s purse beside her feet.
            “You must be tired and thirsty after being here all afternoon,” she said, her voice strangely tender. “I’ll remove your gag so that you can drink this, but you must promise not to try and speak or make a sound. Do I have your word?” Vicki looked at her, eyes wide and fearful over her gag, and then she shook her head.
            “Very well, I’ll get that off of you now.” The saleslady reached her arms around Victoria’s head and undid the outer part of her gag, and Vicki inhaled deeply as her nose was exposed to the open air. The second slip which gagged her came off quickly enough, but the scarf which cleaved her mouth took some time to remove, as the knot was very tight. When it was finally off, the saleswoman reached inside Vicki’s mouth and began to extract the sodden panties. Despite the care she took, Vicki could not help but cough and retch slightly as the tightly packed satin was removed. Vicki finally got her gag reflex under control, and then spent several seconds breathing in deeply and working her jaw open and shut as fresh tears spilled down her cheeks. Then she gratefully accepted the straw to her lips and drank slowly. The saleslady waited patiently until Vicki finished and looked up at her.
            “Why,” Vicki croaked, her voice little more than a whisper. The saleslady quickly put her finger to Vicki’s lips.
            “Shhhh . . . ” she said softly, and then she reached into Vicki’s purse and pulled out a Polaroid photo.
            “I found this in your purse while you were in the dressing room this afternoon.” The picture showed Vicki lying on her bed at home, wearing only an old-fashioned corset and stockings. She was bound at the wrists, knees, and ankles with brightly colored scarves. Another scarf circled her waist, while a second scarf tied to that one ran down between her legs and disappeared inside her crotch. Several more scarves had been used to heavily gag her, and two more had been used to blindfold her, and a scarf had been tied over her head as well, securing her gag and completing her bondage.
            Vicki blushed as she looked at the picture. It had been taken only a few weeks ago by her lover, who delighted in binding and gagging her as much as she enjoyed being bound and gagged. That had been a particularly good session, as he had taken his time with her, filling her mouth with two pairs of her panties and a scarf and gagging her with three more scarves, teasing her and taunting her all the while. She had resisted his advances, playing a game that she knew would lead to having her mouth stuffed and tightly wrapped in silk. She loved the exquisite feeling of humiliation that came from being gagged and then teased. Her lover had satisfied her completely in this regard, and had gone a step further by wrapping her head completely in silk and then bringing her to several orgasms. The photo had been a memento of that afternoon, something for Vicki to look at privately when she wanted to turn herself on. Now it was in the hands of a stranger. Vicki looked back up at the saleswoman, her eyes wide.
            “Open your mouth please,” the woman said softly. In her hands she held a pair of  old-fashioned, high-waisted lycra panties. As if in a dream, Victoria opened her mouth, and the saleslady gently pushed the panties inside. Vicki closed her eyes and let out a low moan as the panties were pushed and prodded into every corner of her cheeks. When they were stuffed in completely, the woman produced a second pair and proceeded to fill Vicki’s mouth a second time, pushing and poking gently until every bit of her mouth was full. She then picked up the discarded scarf which had gagged Vicki earlier, unfolded it, and then refolded it again into a narrow band. She took the scarf and brought it brought it to behind Vicki’s head, then pulled the ends forward and crossed them in front of her lips. She tied a thick triple-knot in Vicki’s mouth, forcing the panties in her even deeper, then smoothing out the ends so that they rested on her chin. As she tightened the knot, Vicki could not help but let out another moan of pleasure.
            “You like this, don’t you,” the saleslady said, her eyes twinkling. Vicki blushed and lowered her eyes. “I can see that you like this. I knew it when I found that picture. How was it on that day, when your lover tied and gagged you so thoroughly? What did he think, looking down on you like that? He must have known how much you love being gagged. What does he think of your secret little passion? Does it amuse him? Does he enjoy having a woman like you, a woman who wants nothing more than to be gagged? Does he taunt you for your secret desires?” As the woman spoke, Vicki felt her face burning. She began to squirm in her bonds and whimper through her gag.
            “Shhh. There, there,” said the woman. “No need to struggle. You know this is what you want.” She placed her finger on Vicki’s gagged lips, and then traced down over her neck, between her breasts, across her stomach, until it came to rest on the damp fabric of her panties.
            “See,” she said, teasing. “you can’t hide what you want from me. Let’s see if we can’t help you out.” The woman pulled a box-cutting knife out of her pocket, and Vicki’s eyes widened in fear as she opened the blade. The saleslady reached down to the waistband of her panties, and in one swift motion cut them away, first on one side of her body, then on the other. The air felt cool on Vicki’s pubic hairs as the saleslady peeled away the moist fabric. She then moved down Vicki’s legs, cutting the stockings which bound them. Vicki moaned through her gag as the saleswoman took her legs and gently spread them apart.
            The saleslady set the utility knife aside, and then reached up to her neck and undid the knot on the scarf around her neck. She dangled it in front of Vicki for a moment, and then slowly ran it down the length of her thigh and over her pussy and stomach. Vicki’s hips squirmed slightly as the silk passed over her body, and she mmmphed softly into her gag. The saleslady repeated the process several times, running the scarf over her calves and thighs, then over her pussy, her stomach and breasts, and then her neck and face. The saleslady crawled on top of Vicki, pulling the scarf over her breasts. She bent down and took one of Vicki’s nipples in her lips and began to gently suck on it through the silk. Vicki moaned deeply into her gag as waves of pleasure tingled through her body.
            The saleswoman continued this for a few minutes more, just enough to bring Vicki to the point of climax. Then she lifted herself away from Vicki’s body, so that she was kneeling above her, her legs straddling Vicki’s body. Very slowly, and very deliberately, she began to undress herself. First she unbuttoned her white silk blouse, revealing a lace-trimmed bra of snow white satin. She then slipped off her skirt, unveiling a matching pair of panties and garter belt. Her eyes fixed on Victoria, she reached around and unclasped her bra, pulling it slowly away from her to reveal her firm, soft breasts. She picked up the scarf she had left on Vicki’s body and brought it to her breasts. She rubbed and gently pinched her nipples through the silk, then closed her eyes and rubbed the scarf over her face. Then she smiled, opened her eyes, and folded the scarf into a thick band.
            “I think you’ve seen enough,” she said, smiling, as she tied the scarf over Vicki’s eyes, blindfolding her. She then slid down the length of Vicki’s body, stopping at her breasts to lick and suck at them gently, eliciting a gagged moan from her captive. She then picked up one of the discarded silk slips and began to gently rub it over Vicki’s pussy.
            “Does that feel nice,” she whispered. She took the slip in her hand and tied a knot in the center of it, then took it by each end and lowered the knot down onto Vicki’s pussy. She pushed the knot downward, and Vicki instantly responded by thrusting her hips upward and rubbing against the silk. The saleslady moved the slip back and forth over Vicki’s clit, applying just enough pressure to increase her arousal without letting her cum. In turn, Vicki thrust her hips frantically at the silk, trying to find release, while she moaned loudly into her gag. Finally, when Vicki thought she would go mad from frustration. The saleswoman tossed the slip aside and whispered into Vicki’s ear.
            “Are you ready to cum,” she asked. Vicki nodded her head weakly in assent. Then, the next thing she felt was a tongue plunge into her pussy. Vicki moaned loudly into her gag as she felt herself being probed and licked. The saleswoman’s tongue played deftly around Vicki’s clit, expertly working her into a frenzy. Vicki’s hips began to buck wildly, and she tossed her head from side to side, biting down fiercely on the panties in her mouth as her captor brought her to the brink of climax. And then finally, all her pent up emotions and desires of the day reached their breaking point and exploded out of her in a torrent of ecstasy as her orgasm erupted out of the core of her body. Vicki wailed into her gag as a wave of pure pleasure spilled out over her body in a wave, a moment frozen in time before the waters receded, draining all the energy out of Vicki and leaving her in a cocoon of warmth and pleasure.